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Tomorrow, Microsoft will release next-generation operating system Windows 7

{ Posted on Oct 21 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
Much concerned about the next-generation Windows operating system, Windows 7 will be listed on U.S. 22, local time. Although there are indications that Microsoft will adopt a pragmatic attitude in a low-key release Windows 7, but Microsoft is the operating ...Read More »

Chuan Google will push music service in the U.S. Google Audio

{ Posted on Oct 21 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
The source said Google in the past few weeks has been working with major record companies to negotiate to ensure that the content source. One of the sources also revealed that the service called "Google Audio". There are no details ...Read More »

jQuery Tools: The missing UI library for the Web

{ Posted on Sep 28 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user interface components for the web. These are tabs, accordions, tooltips, overlays and scrollables. They can dramatically improve the usability and responsiveness of your site. They mainly focus on presenting information ...Read More »

Website Features That You Can Easily Offload

{ Posted on Sep 23 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
The amount of site features that you have can take a dire toll on your web server, making your site sluggish and more vulnerable to becoming offline because system resources have been expended. To alleviate the work that your web server ...Read More »

Steve Jobs Twitter back-induced paralysis of 15 minutes

{ Posted on Sep 09 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
Twitter the stability of the worrying. Wednesday, Jobs on sick leave after the first time in Apple's "Rock and Roll" general appearance, this news Twitter letting paralyzed for 15 minutes. Steve Jobs is not currently registered Twitter user, but where ...Read More »

The Google documents security suffered the question function to be still difficult ratio Microsoft Office

{ Posted on Aug 04 2009 by john }
Categories : Web News
It is reported that Google has spared no effort to summon that the people get rid of the Microsoft Office office software to transfer use Google Apps. Technical information website AlleyInsider therefore wrote to enumerate several reasons which the Google ...Read More »

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