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PayPal because of hardware fault whole world dawdle machine 1 hour

  The Beijing standard time on August 4 the news, reported in the morning according to some media that eBay serves under somebody’s banner the PayPal service Monday the bitter experience global breakdown, causes several million users to be unable to use this service to complete the transaction. eBay spokesperson Arab League vertical stroke lucky · Nayaer (Anuj Nayar) indicated that the breakdown has the time approximately for the US Eastern Time in the afternoon 1:30, in hereafter the approximately 1 hour, global all users cannot visit PayPal. eBay said that approximately 6:30, PayPal restored normally completely up to afternoon. Nayaer said that this breakdown is creates by “the internal network hardware question”, “we are solving this breakdown with all one’s strength. How will we study compensate are affected the merchant the question”. PayPal is the global biggest network payment service, the active user reaches 75,400,000, already has the small merchant, also has electronic commerce giants and so on Wal-Mart. In up to last October 30 one quarter, PayPal has processed the value 16,700,000,000 US dollar electronic commerce transaction. Nayaer said that his not clear this breakdown will cause the big losses to the service, but eBay once indicated that PayPal each second processing value 2000 US dollar electronic commerce transaction. the similar breakdown is uncommon in the large-scale Internet company, but also certainly not “unique”. For example, google computer system in May once presented the breakdown, its main page, the email service and the news website has come under the influence. Because the software promotion has the problem, in 2004 many PayPal users in could not use in approximately 5 days should serve. PayPal said in its service term, because its service breakdown suffers regarding economic loss which or other losses the user, this company does not give the compensation.

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