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The Google documents security suffered the question function to be still difficult ratio Microsoft Office

It is reported that Google has spared no effort to summon that the people get rid of the Microsoft Office office software to transfer use Google Apps. Technical information website AlleyInsider therefore wrote to enumerate several reasons which the Google documents were unsatisfactory. one of Google documents’ questions is the graph function is extremely crude, this is also many people continues to use Microsoft Excel the reason. Second question are edits when the off-line documents has inconvenient much. Google Gears can solve this problem, but all computers have installed by no means Google Gears. Third question were the security, the Twitter staff mailbox is invaded causes the matter which outside the confidential paper released still to come clearly into view, Google documents’ all material placed in the network, therefore the user also had the similar worry unavoidably. In addition Google documents “invitation mechanism” beyond comprehension.  AlleyInsider said that the website staff has been application procedure and so on Google documents faithful users, shares the Office document with this service to be convenient. But speaking of them, Office still might not substitute for and the necessary software, because receives the mail appendix majority was still the Microsoft Office document format, moreover regarding the complex electronic forms application, Microsoft’s Excel more is also competent for the post.

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