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10 promote the website experience effect the jQuery plug-in unit

This introduction’s these websites have provided each effect extremely good jQuery plug-in unit, these plug-in units may increase a richer expressive force for yours website the effect. I will introduce these effects one by one operating instructions, the related main page and the downloading link.

AJAX Fancy Captcha

The extremely rich creativity’s proving program, may achieve the confirmation through the direct dragging and drop and dropping correct icon to the target location the goal.


Note:According to exploiter’s introduction, this kind of verification mode’s security rank is only intermediate.

jQuery Cycle

Before only then very cool picture excessive animation which can realize in flash, this formidable plug-in unit may let you from the definition reproduce by pantograph, the reassignment speed.


Cool jQuery Sliding Panel

Really likes under this pulling under very much the frame the effect.


jQuery Scrollable

Is good, the very smooth trundle plug-in unit.


It may use in:

  • Picture demonstration 
  • Produces the piece to introduce 
  • Guidance 
  • Other you possibly thought use 

Also has many merits:

  • Realizes easily horizontal and vertical alines.
  • Supports the button, the direction key, the mouse hoop guidance, the API type transfer.
  • Support from definition effect.
  • More introductions may go to the main page to have a look.

jQuery Filterable Portfolio

Formidable folder type demonstration plug-in unit.


You choose from above classified tab item, may see the effect.

Animated Portfolio

Similarly good demonstration effect, but after this website’s band width exhausted at present has been unable to visit (in the August 1, then visit), the current capacity much was it can be imagined big.

Password Strength Meter


Password intensity monitor.

The picture is removable.

jQuery Slide-In Tab

With above two similar, in tab level cut plug-in unit.


JQuery Dashboard

Similar mac machine on effect.


Smooth Tabbed Menu

Quite smooth tab effect.


jQuery Tetris

jQuery Russia block.


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