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30 Examples of Extreme Minimalism in Web Design

1. DownForEveryoneOrJustMe

A useful service for knowing if a site is actually down, and you are not the only one unable to access it.


2. DingItsUp

and this one sends you an email when the site is up again.


3. IndexedByGoogle

Want to make sure that Google has indexed you site?


4. Fizy

A speedy search engine for songs and music videos. It can be used as your online jukebox with the option to share what you are listening to on social networks such as Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook.


5. SimpleCountryCodes

A service that allows you to look up any country code. Very handy web app for people who often dial abroad.


6. ThyNews

A web service that allows the creation of a custom page with headline links from online news sources and blogs.


7. Tasck

A smartly designed Ajax powered To-Do List with one objective in mind; minimizing users’ clicks and achieving the functionality required from such a web app.


8. QuieTube

Watch YouTube videos without all the clutter, noise, and distractions caused by comments and other elements.



A service that lets you email audio postcards. An interesting example of a 3 steps web app.

10. CopyPasteCharacter

Copy and paste characters with a simple click.


11. CraigWilson

Portfolio of Craig Wilson

12. ethicka

Portfolio of William Donahoe

13. hakki

Portfolio of Hakki Yemeniciler

14. joelirw

Portfolio of Joel Irwin

15. johnstewartsutherland

Portfolio of John S. Sutherland

16. jonwardweb

Portfolio of Jon Ward

17. keeno

Portfolio of Kenno

18. LoveBlank

Portfolio of Francesco Prosperi

19. Pomade

Pomade is a design studio based in New York city

20. Yalamber

Portfolio of Yalamber Subba

A simple Yes or No answer

21. is Twitter down?

Tells you if Twitter is down.

22. is IsTwitterDown down?

Tells you if the site that checks if Twitter is down (no. 21) is down.

23. is it Christmas?

Just in case you want to be sure…

24. is it a leap year?

Another simple way to make sure if we are in a leap year

25. is Obama president?

Answering this question is done by may other dedicated sites, but this one adds a timeline…


26. D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y

An obsession with properly spelling DEFINITELY (I just copied it just to make sure I don’t make that mistake)

27. DocaPet

Even eCommerce can be simple and minimal, a great example of how this can be achieved

28. TelescopicText

I love the creativity behind this one, and would love to see a whole book done this way

29. RandomBuddha

Random Buddha quotes

30. KonamiCodeSites

Welcome to geekdom; a list of Konami Code powered sites. Of course, you need to use the code (↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → b a) to access the site, and don’t forget to try it on SingleFunction

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