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Heart journey – 6.04 – Everest base camp


7:30, breakfast at the hotel, went straight to Everest base camp, the morning of what it will not cloud the sky, the sun has a lot of …
I first introduced the two counterparts, they are a group of 2, also in Fujian Coincidentally, the company opened in Xiamen, foreign trade, to Tibet, they have been walking a half a month in Xinjiang, a big cow B, Figure wear on the old, high anti-torture he was very low, I discuss it with him, if in the Everest base camp think that there is any discomfort, immediately Xigaze ride back to sleep, and life can be lost in the mountains of the worth too.
Lao Xiao, 70 young men people, sale price estimate in surely above…The human is extremely coquettish valiantly, was bringing the beer in Mount Everest. From sighs was inferior…
Continues to go forward, on the road will see to many divine horse flags. The regret has not bought in Lhasa to hang extremely… After Tibet only then knows the divine horse flag’s function.
Name explanation:
The divine horse flag is on Tibet plateau a unique scenery, in neighboring countries and so on Sichuan, Qinghai, Gansu, Yunnan’s Tibetan national minority community as well as Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Kashmir, the people everywhere can see string, clump, one piece by piece by on passages from texts and incantations image wooden rubbing Yu Bu, the flax yarn, the silk and the handmade paper assorted wind streamer. These square shapes, angular, the linearity pennant is fixed orderly in the entrance, the rope, on race, the branch, fluttered between the earth and the vault of heaven drags, constitutes one kind of company to meet the day the boundary. It with the snowy peak which, the green blanket cushion cushion meadow, the vast boundless desert yinguang sparkles is wild, the golden light shining temple is the same, becomes the Tibet area nature and the humanities environment one kind is in sole possession, but bright symbol. Tibet area people, regardless of the jubilation birthday, at holidays, must insert hangs all colors divine horse flag, symbolizes the day, the person, livestock’s harmony to be propitious; Herdsman who occupies by the water plant, moves every time one time, after building the account awning’s first matter is the department hangs the divine horse flag, prays periphery the God permission and blesses and protects; The pilgrimage accompanies climbs mountains and crosses rivers the wilderness wild range, also shoulders certainly the striking divine horse flag, the hope exempts at the same time is fascinated meets on the way the disaster; The river bank bund people spread insert the divine horse flag, shows with to consecrate to the tree spirit water deity awe; Lives Yu Manglin people between the high mountains to hang the divine horse flag high, shows with to consecrate devotionally to the mountain spirit crag god; Hangs up all colors wind streamer in the Saint mark ancient temple, expressed that and selects the wise virtuous Saint to the god Buddha soul the worship and the praise; Spring March begins the first plowing of the year sowing seeds, on farm cattle’s horns inserts certainly hangs the divine horse flag, that is salutes to the earth main earth-mother and prayed, hopes for bumper grain harvest; The mountains and rivers street intersection hangs up the divine horse is hopes the carriage by land unobstructive; Nearby celestial burial Taiwan hangs up the divine horse is releases from suffering the deceased person’s soul reposing mournful thought ……And so on. In brief, in their opinion, the divine horse flag is communicates the common custom and the spirit world general medium.
Goes over hill and dale, has a look at the road which on the mountain oneself pass through….
Toward camphor wood port advance. We this time traveling schedule estimated that has 400 kilometers. 8:00 am embark 16 points to the supreme headquarters
The beautiful scene, felt along the way the cloud flutters in the top of the head.
Passes through the “sa Gyatso” 5248 meters above sea level, cough was so high, much higher than 48 meters higher than Everest base camp …
Good to see the scenery on the road, along the back are amazing.
Hill overlooking the Himalayas of Nepal and India over the past is …
Down the road take a look at our table …. Do not doubt that the black point is the following vehicles …
Continues to go forward, bumps into old person who on the road rides a horse, I refer to the camera hint to be able to photograph, his cheerful nod…Simple very ha
In the village Tibetan national minority child, swims in the brook, saw we in the curb parking, thought we must donate, clothes are too busy to think of put on a group to dash about wildly, frightens we drive slide…Our time comes, has not brought the books, the stationery, is really embarrassed.
The yak group, is prepares Mount Everest to ship the commodity, the mountaineering member the place which could not come up in the vehicle depends on this. Right here had the nearly 100 kilometers state of roads is extremely bad, is known as rubs the clothes anode circuit.
Has the crow to fly…
a 16:12 group made a long and wearisome journey arrives at the bead Feng Feng supreme headquarters, preparations and so on our line of people to stay for one evening in here, the distant place is finally Mount Everest, but is also covering by the cloud, the middle green’s tent was the post office, was known as in the world the highest post office, you might cover Mount Everest’s postmark to send the Mount Everest admission ticket go home…
Lays down the baggage, puts on the woolen sweater, to put on the scarf, the glove, builds environmental protection vehicle Shanghai to pull out 5200 photographs to accept as a memento (the 4KM distance, 80 Yuan/people, so-called environmental protection vehicle is China and Pakistan, where environmental protection am I could not look that), saw on the road the yak commodity team descended the mountain…Machine to the place must depend on the animal friend.
Yak team’s master.
To, the passenger who needed to photograph do have please note…
Finally, had a symptom, the wind, came more violent….
The fact proved that we are good. … has tears streaming down the face

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