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Tomorrow, Microsoft will release next-generation operating system Windows 7

Much concerned about the next-generation Windows operating system, Windows 7 will be listed on U.S. 22, local time. Although there are indications that Microsoft will adopt a pragmatic attitude in a low-key release Windows 7, but Microsoft is the operating system for this well-built high hopes.
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 7 will be on sale Thursday, this significant product is the thousands of Microsoft employees spent three years to build out .10 22 conference will be held on Microsoft Windows 7 CEO Steve Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) in person. All indications are that this will be a pragmatic, focusing on the efficiency of promotional activities.

Whether due to the economic crisis, or Microsoft’s business strategy dictates, in view of the lessons of Windows Vista, Microsoft is taking a more pragmatic attitude to promote Windows7 is not surprising. Microsoft Windows7 expectations of the upcoming self-evident, but the CEO Ballmer has said, Windows7 will drive the PC market demand, but the magnitude will not be great.

Despite Ballmer’s performance is very low-key, but the Windows family still has a considerable number of fans, according to Taiwan media reports, even though the system away from Microsoft’s Windows 7 launch ceremony of the first sale is still some time, but users have already started to line up 80 hours in advance waiting.

Reported that, Windows 7 operating system from the appearance to the performance of those who have been recognized outside the industry, unlike the Vista system, Windows 7 has not yet listed on the sought after by a large number of users. This new operating system in improving memory performance, reducing power consumption, reduce the memory resource requirements, enhance the speed of switching machines, has obviously improved. join touch features, so that this product adds a new bright spot.

According to foreign media reports, Microsoft Windows 7 development process has learned the lessons of Vista is responsible for all aspects of R & D personnel to enhance collaboration, and poor communication led to a certain extent, Windows Vista delays and defects. Microsoft CEO Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) also requires the software developers and Hewlett-Packard and other computer makers to cooperate more closely to prevent those issues that plagued Vista.

While the previous reviewer is right Windows 7 is given a positive evaluation, but asserted that the success of this new system is still too early, everything there is to be the market and users are given the conclusions.

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