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Indian pirates by pirates Win 7 two weeks to benefit 100 thousand U.S. dollars

It is reported that since October 22 has been officially on sale in just about two weeks time, the latest generation of pirated Microsoft Windows 7 operating system in India, has sold about 5 million copies, resulting in about 500 million rupees, about 100 thousand U.S. dollars in illicit revenue.
40 to 250 rupees a low price of pirated software the most attractive of these reasons. Buying pirated users not only from the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, neighboring states and even Nepal and Bangladesh, users have to purchase. A local shopkeeper said, lucknow city Hazratganj commercial piracy has more than 200 shops, where you can buy anything.

Genuine Windows 7 priced between 150 dollars to 300 U.S. dollars, or about 7,500 rupees to 15,000 rupees. Relative global prices, the operating system, Microsoft has lowered prices in India, a decrease of about 20% in the local purchase price between Rs 6000-11000. However, this discount is not enough to pirated users to switch to genuine embrace.

Noida, a city of the great Indian software engineer, said, there are many service providers and enterprises using pirated software. The reason is you can also use the free antivirus software piracy.

The police could do nothing to combat piracy has expressed, “We understand the industry over the past few decades (piracy), but we can not do anything unless it was a formal complaint or the media have reported that we can not take any action.”

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