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Nokia introduced 30 U.S. dollars cheapest handset

Nokia released a phone for the emerging markets, 1280, phone 1202 cheaper than the previous product by 20%.
Nokia said in a blog, 1280 without subsidies, the price of 20 euros (about 30 U.S. dollars), will be the most expensive Nokia mobile phone to date. The blog said the phone will not end the price war, 5 euro phone may not be too far away from now.

In the mobile area, the Western developed markets and developing countries there is a huge difference. Data show that the United States last year, average revenue per user of about 51 U.S. dollars a month in India compared to 6.40 U.S. dollars. Therefore, there is little room for Indian carriers, in order to expensive smart phone to offer subsidies. Instead, users must pay their own cell phone prices, 1280 pairs of them will be more competitive.

Nokia said the 1280 can provide up to 8.5 hours of talk time, compared with 1202 a decrease of 30 minutes. But the 1280 can store 500 phone numbers, while the 1202 can only store 200. 1280 also provides a FM radio function and a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.

In addition to 1280, Nokia also introduced four new mobile phones in emerging markets, namely, 1616,1800,2220 slider and 2690.1616 has a color display, more expensive than the 1280 price of 4 euros. 2220 slide mobile phone e-mail features to increase the price of 45 euros.

Nokia said that in 2220 before the end of the first listing in the first quarter of 1280 will be available for sale.

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