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6.05 – Rikeze


The early morning pats Mount Everest, Rio for pats, I also in the tent work as the dead fish, is suffered by Gao Fan one evening not to want to move completely…


Comes one again, this already was I has patted, one was black from yesterday I to pray that daily second was quick daily brightly, second day of 6 o’clock awakened skilled worker, hurried to pack leaves, this kind of place has been too uncomfortable….antecedent review: Yesterday from 5200 got down, also jumped jumps, returns to the tent to start the yak meat which and the yak whip ate Lao Xiao to bring. Matches buttered tea which the tent advocates to do. – – delicacy. Have never realized high instead already arrived. 19:00, outside the tent started to snow, started the headache, the dinner (egg surface) cannot eat up completely, nest in bedding big mouth breath not many oxygen

the 21:00, they are chatting probably, hears them to ridicule indistinctly outside the supreme headquarters the tent rests the passenger, does not have other ideas completely, was only thinking breathes.22:00, nobody chatted, tent main madame added a bed quilt for us…Breath… 23:00, Lao Xiao Lhasa beer which brought drinks up, the thank you for the lovely dinner, started to have the snoring. Might with rest painstakingly his enemy’s I…When does the day shine???24:00, hears Rio the sigh, estimated that he does not feel better, afterward only then knew that he one late has also not rested. Also has gotten a stiff neck. 01:00, Lao Dai drinks water, is also the human who does not feel better, a little catches cold originally. Lao Xiao continues to have the snoring, throws the pillow on his face, stopped temporarily…

the 02:00, drinks water, that boiling water estimated that had the zero degree… Account awning main madame in the stove Riga several yak excrements, has slept officially. 03:00, Lao Xiao talks in a dream, probably was said that wanted to breathe out…Outside MD snows! Isn’t the day how bright, the nose breath is completely insufficient, on mouth… 04:00, looks at the pitch-black account awning to go against together, is listening to outside the account awning’s rumor, starts to want very many matters…Experiences personally very much realized that Aunt’s painful… 05:00, drinks the zero degree the water, some not and Rio chat, and so on dawn…Painful ing… 06:00, thought suddenly a very vivid analogy, we look like one only the fish which is thrown by the water in comes ashore, opens the mouth, the big mouth breathe oxygen, waited for that the death arrived at… 07:00, skilled worker has finally has reflected, rested is very fragrant, when did we embark


We live account awning…Standard 5 worlds…The account awning host is very warm.


Returns to Rikeze on the road, already completely did not have the energy photograph, a group falls asleep. Too laborious.

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