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6.06 – Yang Zhuoyong is wrong


Returns to Rikeze satisfactory sleeping, does the second day starts on a journey Yang Zhuoyong to be wrong, is called Yanghu, compares Mount Everest’s difficulty, goes to Yanghu is relaxed many, does not have the pressure, highest has gone, but also what fear, moreover Yanghu really very attractive…Picture speech


Goes to Yanghu to pass through Gyangze County, the movie red river valley in this racket, the ancestor mountain castle, Yi Shounan attacks. the 1904 year British armed forces once had carried on nearly one year fortification fight Tibetan army with the Tibetan army in here, including monk soldier who enters a war, finally defends against a siege Zong Shanbao, after being without ammunition and food, is broken through the fortress by the British armed forces, the Tibetan army rather die than is the captive, all jumps the cliff, therefore here is also called the ancestor mountain hero fort.afterhas watched the movie “Red River valley”, comes Zong Shanbao again, thought as before very precipitous Shan Sui is not high, but three precipices, only then might no wonder the British armed forces firearm be up and down sharp in the past at the same time, actually for a long time was unable to break through this fortress


Parking rest time discovered that nearby the brook has a clump of orchid.


What ground is the Tibetan barley, this season was just long, the Tibetan barley had a crop in Tibet one year.


This….It is not Yanghu, is only a reservoir. Because we also this work as Yanghu…More beautiful in behind. Compares Yanghu, this reservoir is only small drainage…


If the card pulls the mountain, elevation 5039m


Yanghu has revealed one jiao. Circles one week-long words to estimate that takes for several hours. Big very. Yang Zhuoyong the dislocation in the Yarlung Zangbo River Nanan, within the boundaries of Shannan area Nagarze County, the level of the lake elevation 4441 meters, more than 700 square kilometers water surfaces, the hydraulic mean depth more than 30 rice, the most deep place has 60 meters. It is the plateau imprisoned lake, about hundred million years ago form because of the glacier mud-rock flow jamming river course, the waters area more than 630 square kilometers, probably are Hangzhou Xihu’s 70 times. Its shape is very anomalous, the furcation are many, lakeshore winding graceful slug, and attached spatial wrong, to sink wrong and the error correction and so on 3 lakelet, in the history once was the outflow lake, above lake Lian Wei a body, the lake water entered Yarlung Zangbo River by the ink enforced meander, but because afterward the lake water flinched into the internal flow lake, and divided into certain lakelet, its level of the lake differed highly the 6.5 meters, lake Zhongshan suddenly excess, had 21 islands, the respective independent water surface, the biggest area the approximately 18 square kilometers, on the island the forage grass was lush, wild bird in groups. This lake one is certainly its water source from the periphery snowy mountain, but actually does not have the water outlet, the melted snow melting and the lake water evaporation achieves one kind of dynamic balanced. Yang Zhuoyong wrong is honored as in the world the most beautiful water. Yang Zhuoyong is wrong, “sheep”, above; “outstanding”, pasture; “harmony”, jasper; “wrong” lake. Including is “above the pasture lake of jasper”. This is in the wording to Yanghu’s explanation, but Yanghu is regarded as in the Tibetan mind “the turquoise ear pendant which is the goddess scatters”, regardless of because you in that angle, cannot see the sheep outstanding complete picture, she has three sisters, the spatial mother is wrong, sinks wrong, the Palestinian long mistake, by namely ancient Yang Zhuoyong the wrong four sisters in the giant lake basin, the hand and foot is connected, shears the shed with difficulty, composed together has let our naked eye not look at the side sacred lake. Her stature winds in hills to amount to more than 130 kilometers, only then in the map perhaps the upper air you can pleasantly surprised discover that she just likes the ear pendant, mounts above the mountain helix. The different time sunlight’s illumination, she will appear the level extremely rich blue color, will seem the illusion is ordinary.



Went for 2 hours, also side, those images and scenes, I can also say that is assorted, carries the camera doom according to shutter ~~



In the Tibet regional ravines, the street intersection, the bund, the river bank, nearly may see that sacrificial altar – – Mani who builds by the stone and the flagstone piles to one. Is also called “the god to pile”. on these stones and the flagstone, inscribe six character true words, the mental perception, the idol statuary, each kind of propitious design mostly, they are also the Tibetan national minority folk artist’s masterpieces. these stone piles, Tibetan said that “a gang”, is meaning which of the stone builds. “a gang” divides into two types: “anti- filthy rang disaster father gang” and “town evil gang”. “an anti- filthy rang disaster gang” is located in the outskirts stronghold tail mostly, the stone pile is huge, moreover under on big slightly assumes stepped to lay on top of one another, in the stone pile has the impediment dirty, rang to eliminate the disaster, the pray auspicious religious texts, and has the grain miscellaneous grains, the gold, silver and jewelry and the guns knife spear; “the town evil gang” is located in the roadside, the bund, the intersection mostly and so on place, the stone pile scale is small, the shape assumes the cone, does not have the steps and ladders, in the right pile has the town evil incantation, in Taiwan’s stone pile also has the guns knife spear. in the Tibetan Buddhism area, the people regard as the stone have the life, the intelligential thing. Inscribes the image of Buddha and the Buddhism religious texts “the Mani stone”, has not unified the specification and the shape, the maker has no need to choose desirably, picks any stone to portray in above, the religious texts many are “six character true words” and the incantation.


Yanghu one is certainly her water source from all around the Nyaniqentanglha arteries melted snow, but she does not have the water outlet firmly, the melted snow inflow and the natural evaporation achieves one kind of unusual dynamical equilibrium.


The bund village and Yanghu unify perfectly


This by me is brought, when computer tabletop. Actually Tibet’s picture, casual may work as tabletop. Because the plateau has not polluted, the visibility is quite high, we are known as tourist city sm, looks at not clear… including the river opposite shore


Yak…That day memorizes Jing Zhenxiang is PS comes out…


Nearby Yanghu on hotel, our party 4 person, irreverent has eaten very much the sacred lake in Saint fish, 100 Yuan/catties, the flavor is extremely fresh. Must know that a chopsticks long bare carp, possibly already had 70-80 year-old advanced age…Fish Grandpa…


Comes back this Duan Lu is also extremely the danger, the Yunnan Tibet line’s flavor, this time skilled worker the technology is a little good, drives is very steady.


Return trip’s time bumps into the bicycle race, admires. If you go to Tibet, saw rides human who the line, the walk, are prostrate in prayer, please give the applause to encourage.


Shui Zangtai, Mani piles.


Lhasa along the river road. In Mount Everest I rebirth…


Returned to Lhasa on the way, visits the Tibetan incense factory while convenient, the Tibetan national minority young fellows has been making the Tibetan incense, you burnt joss sticks and worship buddha the fragrance which in Tibet burnt are such do, added the spice the pine lumber and the mud to mix up; Is pushing is must have the skill and the strength, has not trained is not good Di.


The Tang Ka manufacture, colleague’s Lao Xiao has bought one, the price: 5000rmb. also straight shouts the small advantage.! @#! %! @#% Tang Ka (Thang-ga) is also called Tang the loud snapping sound, Tang ka, the religious reel picture which is Tibetan transliterates, refers to mounts after the colored satin is hanging consecrates. Tang Ka is the drawing artistic form which in the Tibetan national minority culture one kind is characteristic, the subject material involves Tibetan national minority’s history, politics, the culture and social life and so on many domains, may be called Tibetan national minority’s encyclopedia. Is handed down for generations Tang Ka is mostly Tibetan Buddhism and the benzene teaches the work. It is similar to the Han Nationality area reel picture, multi-picture Yu Buhuo on the paper, then sews with silk fabrics mounts, the upper extreme abscissa axis has the string to be advantageous is hanging, lower shaft both sides decorated with fine axle neck. In the picture duplicate has the thin silk silk and the pair of strip colored ribbon. After involving Buddhism’s Tang Kahua becomes mounts, generally must ask Lama to chant scripture Canada to hold, and covers Lama Jin Zhi or the Spanish red hand imprint in the back. Also has the extremely few cut silk brocades, the embroidery and the pearl Tang card. The Tang Ka plan is extremely complex, the needed materials are extremely elegant, the pigment for the native ore plant raw material, the luster is all gorgeous, prolonged does not draw back, has the rich snow territory style. Tang Ka in content many for Tibet religion, history, cultural art and science and technology and so on, is condensing the Tibetan national minority people’s belief and the wisdom, is recording Tibet’s civilization, the history and the development, is reposing the Tibetan national minority people to Buddha’s incomparable emotion and to the snow territory to Buddha’s incomparable emotion and to the snow territory hometown infinite deep love.


Tibet biggest Tang Ka, they are at least such introduce. Walks in the Tibetan incense factory, returns to Lhasa to drift apart, is originally decides in the second day, is 7 returns to Shanghai from Lhasa, flies back Fuzhou again from Shanghai, the result only then knew in a retail buying a ticket, in June Lhasa is the even number starts out toward the Shanghai train, 8 only then had, has been melancholy, we arranged 9 to return to Fuzhou’s airplane ticket from Shanghai, such became invalid, the schoolwork has not made the arriving the result, as soon as changed mind thought that was destined to want us to stay in Lhasa for one day. Therefore satisfied returns to Kang Zhuo to renew a subscription…

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